Sunday, February 10, 2008

2/9/08 - Kevin Devine, Jealous Girlfriends, Quiet Company

had a hard time findin a shew, but finally found that quiet company was playing at the prophet bar, a venue i usually ignore cuz of the affiliation and the inflated cover charge. but i love quiet company, so. tk, another QC fan, came along for the ride.

stopped off at dada first to chat with mis compadres there, but alas, no one home. oh well, beard entertained us with von ehric stories, tk inhaled a couple more lonestars (i could swear at one point he was gonna start shotgunning), and we discussed the glorious complexities of modern adult life and such, as we always do.

left dada, jumped in the chick-magnet-mobile, and drove around the block lost a couple times before settling on a parking space about oh, 100 feet down the street from where we originally parked. well sheeut, it sure looked further than that on google maps.

so how is it that the first band is supposed to go on at 8:30, we get there at 9:10, and we've missed the first two bands??? stupid fuckers.

BUT, not to worry, we did not miss Quiet Company. Seen these dudes at least twice before at dada and once at hailey's, and i love 'em every time. they've added a fourth member to their band, so you've got full-time geetar now (tyler used to switch between geetar and keys), which makes their live show rock oot even more. check out the cd - it's got some fantastic, finely-crafted, mostly mellow acoustic/piano-pop tunes on it - but the goddam live show is incredible. even the mellow songs on the cd turn into full-blown rock anthems when played live. i mean these guys kicked ass. my gawd i loved it.

tk chatted up lead singer tyler (i think) after the set, and they compared notes aboot the deep meaning of the lyrics to 'love is a shotgun' and the glorious complexities of modern life and omigod he'll talk about that shit to anyone, apparently. just kiddin, tk, you know i love you, man.

just when i thot the high point of the evening had passed, tk brought me a jager shot. ha! just kidding (i mean, he did, but that wasn't the high point, i'm sayin). seriously, the highlight of the evenin had to be the set by jealous girlfriends. four-piece band, straight outta brooklyn. smokin hot chick lead guitarist/vocalist (omigawd, i think i'm in love), peter frampton lookalike on geetar/vocals (tk can have him), plus keys and drummer. totally unique blend of shoegaze, grunge, and new wave. loved the mix of his-and-hers lead vocals - great effect (check it: their stuff was totally in my wheelhouse, and i loved every minute of their set. might even have to trek over to lola's in march to catch them on their way to sxsw. no sign of holly after the set - she must've sensed a drunken middle-ager was on the prowl.

between sets, i wandered thru the smoky passageway to the other side of the building, where i witnessed the sad sad sight of the former gypsy tea room ballroom (where i saw the genius of eels) being defamed by goddam screamo bullshit, complete with shirtless screamo-heads pseudo-moshing in front of the stage. kill me.

last up was kevin devine, also from brooklyn, and touring partner of jealous girlfriends (did i mention how incredible they were?). this guy seems to have a big following up north. his myspace is all solo acoustic-y stuff, but i thot sure he'd have a full band and at least attempt to rock out a bit. but what we saw was just him on acoustic and another dude on electric, basically just playin his acoustic songs. we heard four or five songs like that and had had enough. he might have said something aboot 'the full band' comin up later on, so maybe we missed the whole rockin out part, but we could take no mo. kept thinking of 'waking ned devine'. dono why.

went back to dada to see if anyone was about, but no luck. went to zini's so tk could meet my alternate-universe girlfriend. the pizza was amazing, as usual.

dropped by the fillmore pub in plano, second home of knuckles and the piledriver. they had somehow managed to convince one of the beer wenches to sit with them and buy them shots. what gentlemen, eh? some truly disturbing revelations unfolded, involving very intimate personal encounters and bodily functions (you dont wanna know, bleebe me).


knuckles said...

The next time you turn down a free drink will be the first time. And from a sweet, hot Temptress, you are kidding, right? And when girls talk sex, I for one, am doing hi-fives in my head.

DomeDwellr said...

Loved QC - well done, but sure would have loved to have heard some of their slower stuff. Maybe vibes from the pseudo-mosh pit down the hall artificially inflated testosterone levels.

Fun night - tk.

"The Ghost" said...

Hey, either you're REALLY late on the review to that show, or you put the incorrect date on the title. I'm guessing you meant 2/9/08. Personally, I would've recommended seeing either Inner City All-Stars at Gezellig or I Love Math, Marcus Striplin and Handclaps & Harmonies at Barley House. But hey, that's just me.