Thursday, February 7, 2008

Friday night - the felons at the doublewide

recommendation for Friday night:

check out the Felons playing at the Doublewide with Somebody's Darling and Melba Toast. Can't vouch for SD or MT (tho I've heard good things aboot SD), but the felons will kick your ass.

sorry, i can't do friday nights, so you're on yer own.

still tryin to find a saturday show. suggestions are welcome...


bill h said...

thanks for the nice words.We'll miss you. felons have some Saturday shows coming up.

Great show at dada last night, Really cool and interesting jazz night.

"The Ghost" said...

Check out my blog for my recommended shows for this evening.

Batman said...

I'm very interested in seeing the Felons actually...but alas, I was home sick prepping for my show on Saturday.