Sunday, February 3, 2008

supabowl rant

(warning - abundant profanities ahead)

ohhhh, vodker and gingerale how i love you!! muah!

watchin the supabowl with the brahs and halftiem comes around and holy fuckni shit are you kiddin me??? tom petty??? tom. fuckin. petty?? that is all you can come up with?? fuckin 70year old tom fuckin petty??? jesus christ what a load of shit. with all the fuckin bands out there. come on, grow a fuckin sack and put someone on with just a tiny bit of edge, will ya?? not some fuckin geriatric sideshow. oh boy - free fallin!!! i've only heard that song three thousand fuckin times!!! i need to hear that again!! wheeee!!!! where's my fake lighter??

ok, so i'm not gonna see radiohead or animal collective, i accept that, but how about somethin from the fuckin 21st century??? there are plenty of mainstream bands that would do - arcade fire? weezer? even foo fighters. (sure, tom seemed to please the piledriver and his girlfriend wayne, but that aint no real endorsement, i can tell you). omigod, i can't believe they showed that crap. kill me.

rant over


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knuckles said...

so you can find every cubby-hole on the internet and every broom closet in big D-little d with a guy and a guitar, and the second largest broadcast in US history surprises you with their musical guest?