Friday, October 31, 2008

10/26/08 - Locksley, Hymns

ok, went to the HOB pontiac garage on sunday wif a friend who's a huge fan of the Hymns. endured the $10 parking, $14 ticket and $6 drinks cuz you know why. dint bring the camera, arent you lucky, no shitty pics.

doors were at 8:00. got there at 8:30 and somehow missed the first band, Greater Good. WHAT. THE. FUCK?!!?!!! still fucking pissed about that. Hymns were playin when we got there. these guys were really good. sorta bluesy, southern-soft-rockish stuff. very high-energy. most band members looked like they hadn't showered in a couple weeks, you know what i mean. but that's what the chicks dig, you know? maybe we can all learn somethin from that, eh? anyways...fuck. they were good.

locksley headlined. these dudes were pretty damn good, too. very 60's high energy beatles-esque sorta shit. great show. they dont need no help from me. fuck, tom hanks is a fan, so...

that's it.

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