Thursday, November 13, 2008

11/1/08 - RTB2, Escort Service, Mike Graff

ok, so i've gotten a little behind. sue me.

headed to the big brothers/big sisters benefit at the city tavern with the piledriver. couldn't find out too much about the line-up and schedule - there was conflicting information everywhere - and sure enough, got down there at 8 only to find out the felons had already played at 6. screw me. great start to the night. so we went back downstairs to continue drinkin and watch the Tech-Texas game and the beautiful people, of which there were many. became huge texas tech fans - one, because they beat texas, and two, because it was beneficial to do so (what is it about women in soccer uniforms that's so freakin hot?).

while the piledriver held down our position, i stumbled back upstairs and caught Mike Graff playing. Solo electric guitar, plus a drummer. very nice stuff. very talented individual. Back downstairs, i met some very nice guatemalans with very interesting tattoos.

at some point, i went back upstairs to catch a few songs by escort service, if only to confirm my opinion about them. it was. confirmed, that is. last up was RTB2. I've seen these guys quite a few times now, and i always have enjoyed it. the piledriver, however, did not share my enthusiasm, and since it was very late and i actually fell asleep during one of the songs (it seemed like they were playing a lot of slow ones that night), we hit the road. overall, not a great night for live music, but a great night for people-watching/leering

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Art Ebie said...

That was our sleepy set. I'm glad it worked.