Thursday, November 13, 2008

11/8/08 - Frightened Rabbit, Spinto Band, Grassfight

headed to denton saturday night, mainly to catch Frightened Rabbit. very glad i did.

first up was Denton's own Grassfight. not bad. kinda gloomy art rock. very joy-division/interpol-ish. lead vocalist had a hard time keeping on-pitch sometimes. wouldn't mind catching them up was the Spinto Band, from delaware. large band, many people on stage. very high-energy pop. a little too happy for my taste, maybe. don't remember a whole lot, but i know it didn't especially captivate me. Frightened Rabbit headlined, and these guys blew me away. I'd heard a couple songs from them on a podcast and really liked it, but I completely fell in love with them saturday night. these guys are officially my New Favorite Band. what an awesome set - beautiful, soaring, emotional, uplifting. the kind of music that makes your heart sing. absolutely love the lead's voice. was amazed to hear most of the crowd singing along to every song. absolutely outstanding set. check them out - you will thank me.

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