Friday, June 18, 2010

6/11/10 - Bravo Max, The Wild Complete, Gray the New Black

Gray, the New Black (Dallas). 3-man band. oh, no - definitely not my thang. no, no, no. Iphone says "crappy bluesy hendrix guitar shit", and you can't argue with the iphone, can you? no, you cannot. grateful that they reminded me that i'd forgotten my earplugs in the car, tho. So there's that (thanks, boys!). The Wild Complete (Flagstaff). Awesome folky rock. Loved the accordion. Go check out My Bird on their myspace page - superific. plus which, it's good to see Ringo bangin' on the ol' skins again. Very political band. Over-payed for the CD and t-shirt, hoping to help them afford a REAL bass drum, which they really need. Poor Ringo.Bravo, Max (Dallas). Enjoyed it, but damn - 5 guitars? really? felt sorry for the guitar player in the back, frantically strumming, with no evidence of his existence coming out of the speakers. Loved the clarinet (say WHAT?) & accordion. Good stuff.

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