Friday, June 18, 2010

6/14/10 - Good Old War, Yukon Blonde, Audra Mae

Audra Mae (LA). Whoa - beautiful stuff. Great voice. coulda done without the Joplin cover, but that's just me.
Yukon Blonde (Vancouver). Really dug these guys, too. Kindof an amped-up Fleet Foxes.
Good Old War (Philly). OMFG, words cannot describe how much I love this band. First time I saw them, I described it as a religious experience, and this time, I was fully converted, full-immersion baptism and all. Amazing, amazing folky tunes with spine-tingling harmonies. and the whole band puts out this "everything's all right, yes, everything's fine" vibe that just fills your heart with joy. did the usual come-down-into-the-audience maneuver, and ended up right in front of me, which completely capped off the evening for me. truly a wonderful experience (despite the super-drunk chick who kept trying to get me to dance with her. Um, no).

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