Saturday, January 15, 2011

12/14/10 - Mini Mansions, Man Factory, New Fumes The Cavern.

New Fumes (Dallas). One dude, plus laptop, guitar, autoharp. Wore a strange badger mask, on backwards. Had a projector duct-taped to milk crate, showing very interesting visuals on a sheet behind him. Couldn't see how the badger mask or the visuals were related to the songs, but I'm sure that's The Point. Very creative, very interesting. One nit-pick: dammit, interACT with the audience, will you please? Like most electronic artists I've seen, there's never a pause between songs, no talking to the audience, hell - no acknowledgment of our existence. Anyways, I did enjoy the set.
Man Factory (Arlington) - Longest. Sound. Check. In. History. 2 guitars (could swear they're twins), bass, keys, drums. Catchy pop. Inspired a drunk-ass front-row fanboy to clink his glass with his buddy so hard he broke it. I chuckled.
Mini Mansions (LA). Unusual 3-piece. Side project of Queens of the Stone Age bassist, so, you know, there's that. Keys, standup drums (very popular this year), guitar. Sometimes Beatles-esque, sometimes mellow psych pop. Wanted to be key-driven pop, but the drums & guitar wouldn't let it. Awesome cover of Heart of Glass, & you know I hate covers. Dug it, overall.

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