Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/8/11 - Novaak, Peopleodian, Eyes and Ears Hailey's.

Eyes and Ears (Denton). Two dudes - guitar & drums - plus a gal painting (Eyes and Ears, get it??). Mostly instrumental (a few oohs and aahs here and there). Pretty cool. Kinda veered into jam-band territory at times, but I enjoyed it overall.Peopleodian (Denton). Very interesting electro-pop. Led by the love-child of David Byrne and Bill Gates, who stayed hunched over a Korg on top of milk crates. Also featured guitar, drums and a female vocalist, who seemed to be intentionally singing in a different key. 'Twas a strange thing - I really enjoyed the music in every song, and I really enjoyed the vocals, but they just didn't seem to fit together (I'm sure there's some Point I'm missing). Definitely interesting to listen to, but a tad unsettling to my ear.Novaak (Denton). Ugh. I really don't get all the accolades this band is getting. Very standard, very 80's chick-led pop (here's a sample). Lead singer definitely channeling Debby Harry, minus the energy. Blech.

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