Saturday, January 15, 2011

12/5/10 - Sundress, Final Club, Land Mammals, River Mouth, Hailey's.

The River Mouth (Denton) opened. 3-man band, two of them long-hairs. Stereotypical bluesy southern psych rock with super-heavy reverb on the vox. 'Twas ok, but hasn't that been done before? Like, a million times?Land Mammals (Denton). Said it many times before - I loves me some Land Mammals. Check 'em out.Final Club (Denton). Jangly, shouty, punkish noise rock. S'ok. My advice to lead - turn towards the fucking audience every once in a while (a pet peeve of mine, I'll admit).
Sundress (Denton). Ahhhhh, Sundress. Exquisite. Glad to see they're finally getting some well-deserved buzz around here.

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